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  • How to improve the tunnel lighting

    View :    Time : 2017-02-06 18:13:54    
    Tunnel lighting is the main energy consumption of the highway industry, the tunnel lighting energy saving mainly includes LED and other energy-saving lamps new light source application and intelligent dimming control two times management energy saving application of two aspects. August 2014, "highway tunnel lighting design rules" promulgated, marking the highway tunnel lighting into the LED light source and intelligent dimming era. With the continuous development of lighting technology and LED lighting system, now has the conditions for large-scale promotion, and intelligent dimming control technology has become an urgent problem to be solved.

    It is reported that about 70% of the energy consumption of tunnel lighting is wasted in "excessive lighting". The Ministry of Communications issued a new industry standard "highway tunnel lighting design rules" clearly stipulates: highway tunnel lighting should be dimming control design.
    At present, the research of tunnel lighting energy-saving control system in our country has been very mature. In general, the domestic development of tunnel lighting energy-saving control technology for 8 years, because many manufacturers lack of road tunnel lighting design and security expertise, causing safety problems, so in 2014 after the new tunnel lighting standard began large-scale design promotion.
    With the large-scale design and popularization of the tunnel lighting energy saving control system in the lighting reconstruction, the system also encountered many problems in the application process, the main problems are summarized as follows:
    1 the tunnel lighting control is lack of professional energy-saving model, it is difficult to achieve on demand lighting".
    Currently on the market a lot of tunnel lighting control system to achieve only a manual switch, gear dimming, not according to the actual situation of tunnel design specifications and the establishment of professional tunnel lighting model, does not comply with the new standard lighting requirements, can not guarantee safe operation, not through acceptance.
    Tunnel lighting first safeguard traffic safety in the tunnel energy saving controller needs to establish all kinds of security policy: each time the minimum illumination limits, all kinds of emergency treatment model, including the brightness value algorithm and brightness meter abnormal treatment plan, communication plan, fault signal cable fault plan, tunnel safety linkage plan etc..
    3. The research and practical application of tunnel lighting control.
    At present, most of the lighting control system of highway tunnel lighting, lack of targeted research, especially on the safe operation of the specific strategy study, and obtain the parameters of tunnel major error, easy to cause cannot meet the standard requirements, there are security risks.