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  • Lighting development strategy is the brand

    View :    Time : 2017-02-06 18:08:54    
    Material has been rich, the times have changed, lighting companies have decided to brand development stage. Now the mass consumer goods, product innovation has been very difficult, most of which are in the process of product improvement, there is no breakthrough. And then, the brand shows its extraordinary ability. Take apple, the apple in terms of technology in the industry can not be regarded as the top, but they can seize the needs of consumers, to create value to lead the trend. For apple, its value lies in its brand is that it can give consumers the extraordinary experience and value. Therefore, the future development of enterprises should be guided by brand value innovation, focusing on how to meet the needs of consumers. And this is a business strategy, determines the life and death of enterprises, determines whether the enterprise can compete in the Red Sea broke out.
    First of all, the brand positioning determines the market positioning. You choose to become a high-end brand or low-grade brand, you choose what kind of consumers become your target consumer groups, this is the brand positioning elements, but also determines the enterprise's market where intelligent lighting. Today, under the pressure of fierce competition, market segmentation has become more intensive. Want a quick break, smart lighting companies can only look for opportunities in the market segments. And the brand is aimed at fractionize market, brand planning and promotion of a series of market segments, precision strike effectively attract, to maximize the use of natural resources, to achieve a multiplier effect.
    Secondly, the brand value determines the core competitiveness of lighting enterprises. What can a lighting enterprise bring to consumers, which is the value of a lighting company, is the core competitiveness of its sustainable development. The brand value is precisely in addition to product features, consumers need most things. The same is the sports shoes, Nike and other unknown brands than quality, technology, may comfort shoes are the same, but the Nike brand and the "Justdoit" advertising language through years of efforts to bring people's sports spirit, but other brands can not be replaced, it also determines the Nike this brand in many similar brands, consumers get talent shows itself.
    For most products, product innovation has become more and more difficult, the manufacturers may have the same technological capabilities. In this case, consumers choose a brand of products, more because of the brand contains the emotional value of his emotional satisfaction. Therefore, compared with product innovation, brand value innovation has become more and more important. To meet the needs of consumers, to provide consumers with the value of satisfaction, which is naturally the core competitiveness of the continuous development of lighting companies.
    Finally, the brand determines all marketing activities of the lighting business. All marketing activities should be related to the brand positioning and brand value. To do so, is to focus resources, to create brand value, to meet the emotional needs of consumers in a certain respect. Enterprises decide what kind of brand to do, choose what kind of consumer groups, the natural choice in the media, brand promotion, channel selection, etc.. In the case of Moutai, with its high-end business affairs crowd to target consumers, brand communication it must choose these people like, they are sure to choose these often infested channels, and it also need to make sure the advertising target consumer groups feel a sense of dignity.
    China's many small and medium-sized lighting companies know little about the brand, but also failed to understand the importance of the brand. There are even a lot of people think that the brand is a trademark, advertising language, is to invest resources to advertise. In fact, the brand for an intelligent lighting companies, far more than a little meaning. Especially in such a serious homogenization of the business environment, only by brand can reflect the difference. Brand determines what a lighting enterprise, but also determines the direction of the development of intelligent lighting business. Brand is a strategy, is the difference between the intelligent lighting companies break the road to other competitors.